Document Type : Research Article (s)


1 Department of Educational Psychology, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, IR Iran

2 Psychology Department, Shiraz University, Shiraz, IR Iran


Background: Positive psychology is considered a new approach in public health and is an inspired vision which focuses on the capacities and will of people who know the goal of expressing human talent. In other words, a person with mental health enjoys features such as purpose in life, a sense of mastery over the environment, social relationships and a sense of independence.
Objectives: The present study attempted to investigate the mediating role of resilience between emotional intelligence and psychological well-being of high school students.
Patients and Methods: The population of the study consisted of all male and female high school students in four regions of Shiraz in the academic year 2012-2013. Participants included 405 students, 12 females and 193 males, from Shiraz high schools selected by random multi-stage cluster sampling method. The emotional intelligence scale, resilience scale, and psychological well-being scale were used to measure the research variables. Cronbach coefficient was used to examine the reliability and internal consistency and factor analysis was employed to determine the validity of assessing the research variables. The results verified the reliability and validity of the instruments. The research conceptual model was analyzed and assessed using simultaneous sequential regression method and the steps proposed by Baron and Kenny (1986).
Results: Results showed that resilience is a predictor of healthy psychological state which can play a partial mediating role between emotional intelligence and psychological well-being.
Conclusions: Emotional intelligence in addition to its direct effects on psychological well-being, indirectly affects the psychological well-being by increasing the resilience.