Document Type : Research Article (s)


Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Sciences and Culture, Tehran, IR Iran


Background: The Internet is commonly used among young adults; however, Internet use may become a problematic behaviour. Past researches have examined Internet use in young adults and its relationship to some behaviours and health issues, yet further research is needed to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this relationship.
Objectives: This study aims at determining the impact of excessive internet use on communication skills and mental health in adolescents who use internet in the cafe.
Materials and Methods: The sample group consisted of 160 customers (80 girls and 80 boys) of the internet cafes in Tehran, who aged from 13 to 23 years. These persons were randomly selected from clients of the Internet cafes. The participants completed the communication skills questionnaire (Harje and Marshal, 1986), General Health questionnaire (Goldberg, 1979) and the researcher-developed questionnaires.
Results: The results showed no difference between adolescents' communication skills regarding the use of internet games. However, there was a difference between adolescents' mental health in terms of frequency of using the internet games. Those who spend fewer (less than 6) hours using the Internet games exhibited lesser physical symptoms, reduced level of anxiety and depression and were more socializing.
Conclusions: According to the results of this study, it can be concluded that excessive internet use impact on the physical and mental health of internet users.